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Sarah Mcleod + Kim Killspeed + Kiko Smokes (the Vanguard, 15 April 2016)
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Kim KillSpeed

Named after a car crash, Kim Killspeed is an Aussie original pop-folk band that delivers a blend of messy guitars, tight drum grooves and folk-type melodic vocals. We are a band of 5 weird people, ranging from a 21-year-old on drums, to a 57-year-old on lead guitar, and every decade covered in between!

Whilst there is a lot of history, talent and experience in the band members (we have all worked on other projects in the past), Kim Killspeed is a relatively new project. We released our debut EP in May 2015 and are in the studio at the moment finalising our follow-up EP, ‘Second Skin’
Spawning from a variety of musical backgrounds including blues, folk, pop and rock, Kim Killspeed deliver tunes from their bones and hearts - melodic vocals, bluesy guitars, vibing bass and laidback beats. 
Having been played on 30 radio stations across the country (who's counting!) and even enjoying some international exposure, with write-ups from the USA to airtime in the UK, it's more than  anyone dreamed - and still building!

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